1979 marks the start of the brand SII and the begin of our journey into the exciting market segment of technical consultancy, relatively unknown in that time.

In a world where the art of engineering was still directly associated with a specific product, the idea of a company comprising advanced technical know-how across different industrial segments was almost a revolution. This, coupled with our strive to always keep one step ahead of the latest technology standards, has ultimately been the basis for our success story, until this day.

40 years later, SII stands stronger than ever, with 10.000 employees and representations in 19 countries worldwide. Our engagement in the areas of Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunication, Banking and Transportation represents the key for our continuous expansion into new industrial fields, which we serve with the same dedication as we serve our Clients from the first hour, at a global level.

An excellent occasion to celebrate with all our employees and colleagues worldwide!

“Round milestones are always a good reason to reflect upon the transformation the world (and with it our corporation) has experienced over the past 40 years. For many of us, it is simply unconceivable that people with no internet, no emails, no sophisticated computers and no advanced software were even able to send people to the moon, build a plane like Concorde or design a car as beautiful at the Miura.”, says Enrique Geck, CEO of SII Deutschland.

“However, let’s not forget that curiosity and the excitement for technology always was and will always remain part of our nature. Therefore, today’s celebration is a homage to our drive for innovation, which is what the name SII stands for.”