July 31st is Sysadmin day. Since July 28th, 2000, this day is celebrated on the last Friday of July. It was invented by the system administrator Ted Kekatos. He was inspired by an advert posted by Hewlett-Packard, thanking a system administrator for installing a printer, with flowers and a fruit basket.

More than ever before, in the “Corona-year” 2020, this day is a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to those people who usually perform their duties in the background and most times, receive little notice. However, their contribution is key in overcoming the crisis. Thanks to them, we remain fully operational, connected over long distances and able to work together across all our German locations, despite the ongoing physical restrictions.

Our system administrators manage our computer and communication systems through a complex system of access rights. They plan, install, configure and maintain the digital infrastructure of our company and link us to our Clients and Partners, whilst facing the ever increasing demands on data volume, data protection and information security.

They execute their tasks with professionalism and with the right dose of humor: even when a user rants and raves, after entering a wrong password for the third time…😊

Did you know that SII Deutschland…

…supports her Users with a JIRA-based- 24/7 Service Desk service?
…applies a fail-safe, virtual server system, based on AMD Epyc CPU technology?
…uses state-of the art hybrid data saving systems?
…protects sensitive data in full compliance with statutory and Client demands?
…uses 10Gbit network structures for data transfer?
…offers Home-Office solutions across all application?
…provides and controls partner access to selected resources through PartnerNET?
…develops and deploys her own applications to execute business processes?
…is a recognized TISAX participant?