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Enrique Geck
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Company Administration

Beate Schoenenberg
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Peter Miehlke
 COO & Co-Owner
 Business Unit Manager – Aerospace Engineering South West

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Letter of CEO

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting our website today. We hope it provides you with sufficient insight into who we are and what we do. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please remember we are only a mouse-click or a phone call away.

Since our foundation in 1996, we remain committed at providing engineering services to those companies who, with us, share the vision, the drive and the passion for developing new high-tech products. Quality design ‘Made in Germany’ is intrinsically, our heritage and our core value.

Moreover, we emphasize at providing our staff with an exciting working environment, where contribution is valued at a personal level. A strong focus on the individual needs of our Customers, our Employees and our Partners is the basis for our continued success within the challenging environment of technical innovation.

Our portfolio includes the development of cabin interiors, structures, systems and equipment as well as software applications for some the world’s leading players. We are proud of our key role in this industry and our participation in defining tomorrow’s standards.

Meeting the increasing demands on cost, quality, flexibility and specialized know-how requires, more than ever before, a disposition for thinking globally and acting locally. As a member of the SII Group, our company now forms part of a truly transnational entity. With the consolidation of AIDA Development and Rücker Aerospace GmbH back in 2014, we established the foundation of our new common identity: SII Deutschland.

Our presence in Germany keeps growing – not least as a result of the incorporation of SII Technologies (formerly CADCON) into the SII Group. Together with our sister company, today we serve more Clients and industries than ever before in our corporate history.

The ongoing technological transformation is changing our world at an unprecedented pace. We also contribute to this transformation. However, our values and our aspiration to become better at what we do remain the same.

We look forward to meeting you!