Since 2017, the engineering department of our Client Premium AEROTEC has been organizing innovation challenges, as a sign of their commitment towards technical advancement and creativity. This year, the company’s 10th year anniversary gave reason to invite other engineering department across all Airbus divisions in Germany to submit their ideas for this challenge.

Thus, a total of 3,000 engineers were given the opportunity to submit their proposals and secure the associated support for their realization.
The clear goal: THINK LATERAL – THINK NEW – THINK DIFFERENT, in order to generate benefit, but without losing sight of technical feasibility.

After preselection by an independent committee, a limited number of ideas was presented to an exclusive jury, as part of a special event that took place in Augsburg, on March 28, 2019.

We are happy to share that our employee M. Tozzi was among the top 20 finalists with his “Telescopic Aircraft Passenger Seat”- Concept. Mr Tozzi had originally conceived this idea as part of SII’s internal creativity training „TOOTHBOX“ (Thinking Out Of THe BOX).

The “telescopic seat” is based on retractable seat-elements, which allow for an increase of the width of the aisle, in order to speed up the cleaning as well as the boarding and de-boarding process in an aircraft, hence reducing of the so-call “Turn-Around-Time” on ground. In addition, the cabin can be quickly and easily transformed, to allow for transportation of cargo in the passenger compartment.

After all, “Aircrafts only make money when they fly!