Thousands of fans stream into the stadium to watch the final football match. All routes are packed with vehicles and pedestrians. How is the police supposed to keep an overview of the situation?

In future, our law enforcement forces will be supported by the aerial camera system Vabene++ developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). The system delivers high resolution areal images that are processed and analyzed within seconds. Special algorithms enable the identification of individual objects as well as the calculation of speeds and the movement of mass flows. The images are transferred via datalink to a ground station, where the data is mapped in charts depicting terrain and traffic conditions.

SII Deutschland is responsible for the integration of the system on board the EC135 research helicopter FHS.

”Our Engineering Team developed the external pod carrying all 4K-cameras, along with additional peripheral equipment, as well as the rack in the cargo bay for the image processing computers and the power supply units“, says Martin Pypetz, deputy Head of SII Deutschland’s Design Organization.
“The development of a compact and aerodynamic outer shell represented one of the main challenges. Furthermore, special provisions had to be made to suppress vibrations, in order to safeguard the requirement for high definition imaging”.

The Vabene++ system made its successful maiden flight in March 2017. Currently, SII Deutschland’s EASA certified Design Organization is creating the relevant documentation in order to obtain the supplemental type certificate.