Despite the ongoing COVID-pandemics, SII Deutschland has succeeded in closing a series of new framework agreements over the past two quarters and stabilizing her order intake. By the end of the first half of the ongoing fiscal year, a positive overall operative result was achieved, along with a promising prospection on an enlarged field of activities.

Whilst the crisis has left a deep impact particularly on the civil aerospace sector, other areas such as industrial equipment, defense technology along with the railway, automotive and marine industry are back on a growth path. In this context, the development of software solutions and electronic systems play a predominant role.

“We made good use of the lockdown period earlier this year to realign our sales and recruiting strategy and introduce a series of process improvements. On top of this, we developed and implemented digital tools that we use in the context of our “Extended-Delivery-Model”, says Enrique Geck, CEO and shareholder of SII Deutschland. “From the beginning we viewed the pandemic as an incentive to think outside of conventional patterns and try new approaches. We now start to reap the results of our efforts. “

“Also, we take good care to demonstrate maximum flexibility specially with those Clients that have been hit worst by the crisis. We are convinced that the aviation sector and other heavily impacted industries will sooner or later recover and we want to be prepared for this.”

“Undoubtedly, based on the increasing infection rates observed with the onset of the winter, the next two quarters will not be easy either. However, discipline and a positive attitude will help us master the challenges ahead and, in the end, allow us to fulfill our mission, stronger and in an even more efficient way.”