Ever since 2001, the “Girl’s Day” has become one of the biggest professional orientation events for young women in Germany. The aim is to encourage girls to consider professions inappropriately viewed as a being part of a typical “male domain”. Particularly, practical insights into technical jobs are meant to help girls to abolish any reservations about said type of professions. In addition, this provides the opportunity to establish useful contacts with the industry, when searching for an apprenticeship or a practical training during university studies.

As in the past, this year, SII in Germany opens her doors for young female candidates, interested in learning about the development process of aircrafts.

With this, we offer them the opportunity to learn more about the different activities and functions involved in the design of such a complex product.


“The higher-than-average quota of female staff at SII Deutschland is the result of our corporate culture”, explains Beate Schoenenberg, Head of Personnel and shareholder. “Our participation to the “Girls’ Day” is quite important, as it helps to fight clichés at a young age. We want to show girls that machines and computers are not necessarily boys’ things and that, one day, they could actively develop technology, if they so wish.”